Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 RUDEC employment project is about to reach its fruition as one of the orphans Marcel will be graduating as a welder after 3 years of learning and practice.

We met Marcel in 2009 in the streets on Belo. He asked RUDEC to help him to back to school as he had stayed 2 years at home without means. We visited their families and realized he is a complete orphan and had nobody to help him as he stayed with a grandmother of about 64. She manages on the farm and also depend on other children.
After 2 months of planing to give Marcel hope though education, he decided that he would learn a trade and be able to help his other juniors.We did asked him what he wanted to do and he said welding and we took him to this famous welder in Belo who had been giving similar trainings to other children.

RUDEC will empower Marcel with working tools and he would intend to train other children who would also want to train as a welder within RUDEC apprenticeship programme for free. But other children who are within our program he would train them and have his payment.  

We will be able to train more children in Belo within this program if we have the means.                                                            

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