Monday, July 29, 2013

Help Remedy become a school teacher

Meet Remedy. She’s 17 years old and lives in Belo, Cameroon. Remedy is one of the 55 orphans RUDEC supports through its Orphan Education and Care program. 

Remedy lives with her grandmother and has two brothers, one older and one younger. Sadly, Remedy’s mother, who was a single mother at the time, passed away seven years ago, so she has lived with her grandmother since. Along with her grandmother, Remedy also lives with her aunt and three cousins. 
Her grandmother supports the family through farming, mostly just to feed the family and there is not much left over to make any income.  Remedy's grandmother works hard to support her family, but being older has failing health and has lost almost all of her eyesight. Getting enough food, let alone helping Remedy with her education and healthcare needs is beyond what she can provide.
Generally, Remedy and her family eat what they farm, which includes corn, yams, potatoes, beans, guava, mango and papaya. When they have money they buy rice, oil salt and spices. 
Remedy is in Form 3 of secondary school and she hopes to one day become a teacher. She just recently moved up to Form 3 and we are really proud of her for working hard in school.
Teachers play an important role not only in a child’s life, but also in the lives and development of communities. Remedy will have a great opportunity to help others in her community when she’s able to achieve her dream. 
While RUDEC supports orphans, we do not run an orphanage. Children live with their extended families in Belo and its surrounds. We think it is important for children to grow up in secure, family-based environments with their relatives or caregivers. RUDEC provides access to education, food, nutrition and healthcare services. We help families with things like school and exam fees, textbooks and school uniforms and food assistance.
We make sure children stay health and provide access to vaccinations, HIV/AIDS screening, dental/eye checks and emergency help. We also give children support in education, whether that's through school, technical college or an apprenticeship, which enables children to choose their own futures and fulfill their personal aspirations.
You can help support Remedy by sponsoring her for just 36 euros per month or 437 euros per year. Your sponsorship goes towards providing Remedy with her basic needs as well as giving her a brighter future. Sponsor Remedy today (link to:
For more information about RUDEC's Orphan Education and Care program, visit the RUDEC website (link to: