Monday, June 21, 2010

RUDEC orphan Education initiative


The Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) is a developmental and environmental organization located in Belo, Cameroon. RUDEC depends on international and local volunteers to combat poverty in rural areas and to improve the local environment.

RUDEC launched the Orphan Project in 2008 to ensure that all of Belo's children receive education and community support. Lacking parental care and the traditional familial relationships that ensure a means of survival, the children live with extended family members in Belo and the surrounding area because their parents died and some are mentally ill. The Orphan Project pays for children's education and medical expenses and provides educational supplies, birth certificates, clothing, summer tutorial programs and hospital visits.


Our program takes care of 53 orphans and vulnerable children who range in age from 2 to 17. Thanks to the help of volunteers and donors, 50 children currently attend school or undertake apprenticeships. RUDEC has placed 45 children in primary school, 3 in secondary school, 2 in college (high school), and 1 in a welding apprenticeship. The remaining 3 children are not yet school age.It cost us $300 in a year for one child


RUDEC's ultimate goal for the Orphan Project is to establish and construct an independent and sustainable orphanage where children can live, study and interact with the Belo community.


Anyone can support our child initiative by donating to the Orphan Project. Donations will go directly to the Orphan Project, thereby allowing your gift to enhance the lives of all children registered in the program. RUDEC also allows sponsors to choose a child with whom they can communicate and foster a relationship through emails and letters.

You can donate any amount using pay pal or direct bank debit on this link

RUDEC also appreciates the help of volunteers who will work for the Orphan Project in Belo or on-line in their respective countries.

Please visit to learn more about our organization and the Orphan Project.