Friday, March 26, 2010

A new direction: RUDEC and sustainability

Since its beginnings, RUDEC has been incredibly appreciative of all the support it has received from generous donors. Your assistance has enabled us to clothe, educate, and medicate over 50 orphans for the past 3 years. Beginning in March 2010, RUDEC has embarked on a new campaign in an attempt to reach a level of self sustainability. With the launching of the RUDEC Pig Project, we hope to raise sufficient funds to construct a dwelling and purchase six pigs, which we then hope to breed and sell in local markets in order to generate our own income to continue to serve the needs of the many orphans that depend on our assistance.

We would sincerely appreciate any assistance that our readers could provide; please help us reach our goal! In the coming days, we will be posting our project budget on the RUDEC website and this blog, and we will continually update our fund raising progress. If you do not wish to help us in this endeavor, we ask that you consider donating directly to our Orphan Project, which is always in need of funds.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"One man's child is only in the stomach"

The spirit of a child can drive you to an unknown destination... In was visiting the little Tuh Harrette that was abandon by the mother to the father who died after...just to my surprise i saw that she was very ill with rashes all over her body.

The situation of the child pull me to change my plans of the day that i had made with other staff in RUDEC.I took here directly to the hospital>She was consulted and given drugs for the rashes.

The feelings of Harrette made me to remember the Kom saying that "one man's child is only in the stomach"

Harrette does not have a sponsor!

We will welcome any person who will be willing to help Harrette.

You can just donate using a paypal account or direct bank transfer to our our account at