Saturday, July 10, 2010


We have got very motivated Americans coming to volunteer with us in Cameroon and others doing online helping through the United Nations Online volunteering service and other means like facebook and other social medias.

The support that they have being giving to RUDEC-Cameroon has being so great that one of them started RUDEC-USA with a Board of Directors who will iron out issues in America for the support of RUDEC-Cameroon that will be on the ground executing the projects in rural Belo- Cameroon.

RUDEC-USA is incorporated in New Mexico as a Non Profit organization, within three months hopefully, it will have the 501 (3) status!

Monday, June 21, 2010

RUDEC orphan Education initiative


The Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) is a developmental and environmental organization located in Belo, Cameroon. RUDEC depends on international and local volunteers to combat poverty in rural areas and to improve the local environment.

RUDEC launched the Orphan Project in 2008 to ensure that all of Belo's children receive education and community support. Lacking parental care and the traditional familial relationships that ensure a means of survival, the children live with extended family members in Belo and the surrounding area because their parents died and some are mentally ill. The Orphan Project pays for children's education and medical expenses and provides educational supplies, birth certificates, clothing, summer tutorial programs and hospital visits.


Our program takes care of 53 orphans and vulnerable children who range in age from 2 to 17. Thanks to the help of volunteers and donors, 50 children currently attend school or undertake apprenticeships. RUDEC has placed 45 children in primary school, 3 in secondary school, 2 in college (high school), and 1 in a welding apprenticeship. The remaining 3 children are not yet school age.It cost us $300 in a year for one child


RUDEC's ultimate goal for the Orphan Project is to establish and construct an independent and sustainable orphanage where children can live, study and interact with the Belo community.


Anyone can support our child initiative by donating to the Orphan Project. Donations will go directly to the Orphan Project, thereby allowing your gift to enhance the lives of all children registered in the program. RUDEC also allows sponsors to choose a child with whom they can communicate and foster a relationship through emails and letters.

You can donate any amount using pay pal or direct bank debit on this link

RUDEC also appreciates the help of volunteers who will work for the Orphan Project in Belo or on-line in their respective countries.

Please visit to learn more about our organization and the Orphan Project.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Readers from Vision2020 arrive in RUDEC

The day started with a long bus drive from Belo to Douala in the morning.I was preparing my mind to see the eye glasses that Google gave RUDEC as a Grant to support local people who have problem with their eye sights through Vision2020's support.....we had the first batch that Reinoud(Google employee-Dublin) volunteer with us and brought 200 Adaptive eye glasses for us to give to people for free.

The second batch delayed behind and David Richmond from UK accepted to transport the other 220 readers not to support the poor to have good sight....

Arriving in Douala Airport,the customs who have nothing to lose even all people get blind impose a custom duty that had only one backing that we have to pay according to the value of the readers which was 212 euros...He ask us now to pay 250000fcfa that i said i am not able to afford.

I explain to officer in place and he was like he should allow us go but the sub cheating and corrupt mind was telling him not to allow us go...

His colleague collected a pairs as if that was to let us go but the boss in a hope to make the maximum use of his time as us to pay 50000fcfa ...if not we should keep them there and go out.

Since we were not thinking about the actions of the officer but about the person who has eye sights problems to see made us to decide to pay the money.After payment we said we wanted a receipt and but the man continue to say i have just help us and will not give a receipt.....!!

This is the corrupt system that we are....I hope one day it will change!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foundation for the future

I wish to announce to you all that the pig farm donations that you gave have started to make a change in the development of the center.We are at the foundation level now and will want to make it happen.We have bought stone,aggregate,sand,wheelbarrow and a spade to help in the transportation of materials.

We are please to tell you that your are a backbone to our development...

We would still welcome donations for the roofing and the pigs plus food.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tour planning and content writing volunteer needed

As a new initiative of RUDEC we are creating a travel agency in Cameroon to support the local community and to bring foreign customers and we are looking for any volunteers who would like to be part of the project and to assist in the tour planning and content writing...The participation can be remote and all the communication is done via internet, but the person has to possess excellent English language skills and preferably some experience in commercial writing and journalism and has to be familiar with Cameroon.

Volunteering will be online!

If you are interested contact me at

Friday, March 26, 2010

A new direction: RUDEC and sustainability

Since its beginnings, RUDEC has been incredibly appreciative of all the support it has received from generous donors. Your assistance has enabled us to clothe, educate, and medicate over 50 orphans for the past 3 years. Beginning in March 2010, RUDEC has embarked on a new campaign in an attempt to reach a level of self sustainability. With the launching of the RUDEC Pig Project, we hope to raise sufficient funds to construct a dwelling and purchase six pigs, which we then hope to breed and sell in local markets in order to generate our own income to continue to serve the needs of the many orphans that depend on our assistance.

We would sincerely appreciate any assistance that our readers could provide; please help us reach our goal! In the coming days, we will be posting our project budget on the RUDEC website and this blog, and we will continually update our fund raising progress. If you do not wish to help us in this endeavor, we ask that you consider donating directly to our Orphan Project, which is always in need of funds.

Go to to donate!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"One man's child is only in the stomach"

The spirit of a child can drive you to an unknown destination... In was visiting the little Tuh Harrette that was abandon by the mother to the father who died after...just to my surprise i saw that she was very ill with rashes all over her body.

The situation of the child pull me to change my plans of the day that i had made with other staff in RUDEC.I took here directly to the hospital>She was consulted and given drugs for the rashes.

The feelings of Harrette made me to remember the Kom saying that "one man's child is only in the stomach"

Harrette does not have a sponsor!

We will welcome any person who will be willing to help Harrette.

You can just donate using a paypal account or direct bank transfer to our our account at

Friday, February 26, 2010

"Water is life"

I was given a traditional dress at the official handing over of the Fuli water project..We all had this good expression "water na life" water is life .The people gave thanks to and another volunteer Brynne Weeks who came in to extend the project by building one additional stand pipe.

It was amazing as you will see joy in the faces of the whole community members :)

Despite the fact they have water,they are all living in darkness with no electricity .)

If you wish to support them or have more insight into this project of electricity,then contact us at

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sponsored an Orphan

Children in the rural areas of Belo face a big problem as they have be left behind by their parents who died because of HIV/AIDS or order unknown illness!

We are looking for people who can support this kids with education,health,food and basic needs like clothes, shoes and a job training to those that do not want to go to school.

A dollar or material will be welcome :)

If you wish to donate in any way look at

Computer lab

Teaching computer to kids in the rural areas of Cameroon has been a nightmare.RUDEC has come up with a computer lab that can be use by all kids in the rural Belo.

We need more computers to be able to empowered the kids in the rural areas of Belo.

We need volunteers who can support these kids in the new IT development.

If you have better ideas on how we can join hands to help the underprivileged children in Cameroon, then join the team at :)

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