Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Partner visits Cameroon

RUDEC Cameroon is happy to inform our readers that we have come face to face a friend who became a donor to RUDEC for the past 5 year. Joe meet us first on idealist when we post an online volunteering project " looking for a person who would update our brochure, print it and send it to us.

Joe did the worked well and we started discussing who we could do again together... He told me he had been talking with friends on starting an organisation., so with our brochure, it has spur him to start thinking about registering this organisation which he called The project solution(TPS).

We are working with TPS on school development projects and community development. So far we have had 5 projects completed within this time.

Joe as co-founder visit all countries with a photographing project to encourage students to start looking at cameras as a way to make a business. He teaches how to take pictures and why people need to take picture. We hope that these children could one day be able to take good photos and make a living from it too. TPS would present the pictures in a gallery that would fetch some money to support the projects and the children.

We have visited the first school that TPS funded in Cameroon with a total of 21 benches, chalkboard and zine for a classroom and Joe-Cofounder is very happy and as days pass, he would be visiting another school that we supervised 58 benches  and also the community that got their water extended to a community that had no clean water to drink.

We also did visit some children that RUDEC support in the community. We visited Anabel of Bolem after Fundong who collapses at school when she had sport. We rushed there and paid the first deposit. Today Anabel is discharged from hospital and thanks to those who donated to make life better for all the children.
                                                  "You can be part of the solution"