Monday, May 10, 2010

Readers from Vision2020 arrive in RUDEC

The day started with a long bus drive from Belo to Douala in the morning.I was preparing my mind to see the eye glasses that Google gave RUDEC as a Grant to support local people who have problem with their eye sights through Vision2020's support.....we had the first batch that Reinoud(Google employee-Dublin) volunteer with us and brought 200 Adaptive eye glasses for us to give to people for free.

The second batch delayed behind and David Richmond from UK accepted to transport the other 220 readers not to support the poor to have good sight....

Arriving in Douala Airport,the customs who have nothing to lose even all people get blind impose a custom duty that had only one backing that we have to pay according to the value of the readers which was 212 euros...He ask us now to pay 250000fcfa that i said i am not able to afford.

I explain to officer in place and he was like he should allow us go but the sub cheating and corrupt mind was telling him not to allow us go...

His colleague collected a pairs as if that was to let us go but the boss in a hope to make the maximum use of his time as us to pay 50000fcfa ...if not we should keep them there and go out.

Since we were not thinking about the actions of the officer but about the person who has eye sights problems to see made us to decide to pay the money.After payment we said we wanted a receipt and but the man continue to say i have just help us and will not give a receipt.....!!

This is the corrupt system that we are....I hope one day it will change!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foundation for the future

I wish to announce to you all that the pig farm donations that you gave have started to make a change in the development of the center.We are at the foundation level now and will want to make it happen.We have bought stone,aggregate,sand,wheelbarrow and a spade to help in the transportation of materials.

We are please to tell you that your are a backbone to our development...

We would still welcome donations for the roofing and the pigs plus food.