Saturday, March 9, 2013


RUDEC Cameroon stared in 2006 and now has more than 55 orphans on its list. These orphans live with their extended families in outlying villages. RUDEC through its sponsor an orphan project, want to help orphans reach their aspirations of education.

To do an effective job and maintain our presence in the lives of these children we need to visit the homes and communities where they live.  The staff and volunteers of RUDEC reach out to children because they want to see how they are doing in school and at home. The purpose of the project staff visits are to get them to hospital, if they are sick, pay schools fees and exam fees and surprise school visits to check on school attendance. This had been done on foot for the past 6 years.  RUDEC, volunteers and partners were struggling to have a means of movement and the mountainous terrain and long distances make visits difficult.
A widow, who saw our struggles, told us that she has an old motorbike that could help us reach out to areas of our activities if we could pay for it. We quickly accepted the offer and started sharing with our volunteers, partners and friends who knew how it was hard for us to reach the children without a means of movement. Couple with the facts that hiring a bike was not easy when we have emergencies and doing work at our conveniences, CameroonOne decided to pay for the bike that would help us reach our objectives.
Getting this bike has cut down the money we used to hire a bike for home visits, payment of school fees and hospital visits. It will make it possible for RUDEC to have closer communication with the rural families we are aiming to support, thereby increasing our effectiveness.

Thank you to everyone who has helped