Tuesday, December 31, 2013

RUDEC Christmas Party 2013

 RUDEC supporters and their friends joined resources to give a smile on the faces of children we cared for. RUDEC always looks at a party like this every year to help the children support other children that they stay with in their homes because they stay with their family members and not in an orphanage as most people see us.
The orphan project was set to establish a bond with family members, RUDEC and the children. So RUDEC does not provide all needs of the children because we want their family bonds to stay with them and not completely depend on us.

On the 22nd December, the children attended a party that we had rice, fresh fish, soap, candies, balloons and some old dresses and shoes left by volunteers and some donated by our partners.

The children started coming to this party as early as 7am although they were told to come at 8 am. This to me signaled the importance of the party to them all as by 8am, the office was full.
Joshua, gave a talk on importance of school and encourage the children all to past exams and not to fail because they does not encourage people who give donations for their education. He also advised the children to always respect their family members as it was noticed that some do not respect their guardians... He look at the girls who are mature already to because careful at this festive period and not be fool by "coastal guys or cocoa boys"(cocoa farmers or people out of the area  who come only at this busy period with money to deceive them )because they may pregnant you and leave without you knowing. The girls were called up to preserve their virginity because God has a plan for them . The children were also told about the diseases that are found when you have sex without a  condom. The grown up boys were also won not to pregnant a girl as they could have the diseases that girls could have without sign.

At the end of the day the children took home some food to share with others who are not in their own shoes(orphans).Each child took home 2.5
litre of rice, 2kg of fish, 2 soap for washing, candies, balloons and some clothes and shoes donated by some volunteer and partners.

We at RUDEC wish to thanks all do donated to made it a success. One dollar was as important as $100... so all who donated were all equal.