Wednesday, August 29, 2018

News about RUDEC Cameroon

Dear Readers,

We wish to apologize on the behalf of the children and staff of RUDEC for not writing any updates for a long time now!!

RUDEC Cameroon has its headquarters in the town of Belo-Cameroon. We work from there through the 3 subdivisions of Boyo division and to other parts of English parts of NorthWest and SouthWest regions of Cameroon. Since 2016, we have had an uprising from the two regions of English Cameroon because of unfair treatment by the government of Cameroon. The people protested and in an attempt by the government military to crush the protest, some people were killed. This continued until 2018 when the local people are otherwise known as the secessionist pick up local arms to protect their people and properties. This has escalated into a gorilla warfare.

We all ran into bushes to hide. The children under RUDEC who lived with their families ran too and some travel out of the region to have a safe place to stay. The good news is that so far we have NOT lost any of our children in this war so far. We did reach out to very few and gave them food but its not easy to reach out to many who are displaced within these two regions. This is because the military does not make a difference between those who had beneficiaries and has to provide them help. Shooting is rampant and many had been killed by stray bullets and target shooting.

During this situation, we were not able to send out messages except by spontaneous messages by phone but often electricity and internet were cut off.

Right now the situation is still ongoing and I wish to ask you all reading to pray for us in this part of Cameroon because we, maybe wipe out from the earth.