Sunday, December 16, 2012


We had the highest surprised from on of our former volunteer Phil who came in November. who came back to volunteer with us for 4 months. He did used a cartoon box as his flight from UK to RUDEC office where he arrived as a parcel. Being football for Action coordinator and co-founder of  RUDEC UK, he comes back to continue on this project and development of RUDEC.

Sven & Daniela

Sven from Germany who volunteered with us in 2011 and stayed for 5 months came to visit us this time to see how we do and expand on our orphans sponsorship project. He and another former volunteer (Ruth) will be sponsoring Armstrong who is a destitute child and struggles for himself to go to school.

There many other children here like Armstrong who struggles but have poor and unsupported parents that have not means to education

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