Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fundraising for the children at RUDEC 2016/2017 school year

Happy August to all our supporters! The upcoming 2016/2017 school year is closing in fast so this is an open call to everyone and anyone to lend a hand. RUDEC has been supporting orphaned and destitute children in the rural community of Belo since 2006. The orphans are placed within the homes of big-hearted local families and RUDEC takes care of their nutritious, health and general needs. At the same time, great focus is put on their education by paying for their school and exam fees, uniforms as well as books and other needed material for school.

Thanks to the fundraising of international volunteers, all school and exam fees can be paid for the past school year in September 2016. 10 of the orphans have individual sponsors, but 47 of them still need our help with raising enough money to buy the school books and school material for them. 

List of items needed:

47 English text and exercise books - 365€
47 French text and exercise books – 332€
47 Mathematics text and exercise books - 339€
Exercise books for every subject for all the children - 234€
6 Sets of Literature Books for Secondary School Children - 128€
47 Sets of School Material including, for both primary and secondary children- pen, pencil, ruler and eraser. Technical School children will receive further material such as calculators, drawing boards etc.  - 104€

The children of RUDEC need these important materials in order to have the same chance as other children to progress with their education, to attend school and to get especially a basic and general knowledge of important subjects such as English, Mathematics and French. 

Click the "Donate now" button on our webpage, choosing the online donating version if you prefer using Paypal and choosing the offline donating version to do a bank transfer. We also accept donations via bank transfer: 
Account Holder: RUDEC Cameroon
IBAN: CM21 1003 4000 1091 1200 5000 748
Account Number: 10034 00010 911200 50007

or via our account in Germany:
Account Holder: RUDEC Germany Germany
IBAN: DE53 6309 0100 0314 7750 05
Account Number: 314775005
Bank Name: Volksbank Ravensburg Bankleitzahl: 63090100

RUDEC and all the 47 children already want to say thank you for your support and contribution! If you have further questions about this specific project or RUDEC and our work in general, feel free to contact us at any time at!

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