Friday, September 20, 2013

Eco-tourism supporting local community and environment

RUDEC supports many children and families in Belo, Cameroon and has had such a great impact on lives since its inception. To be able to do such critical work, RUDEC is supported through a range of income sources, one of them being from eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is a more sustainable way to visit a country; it’s about respecting, preserving and supporting local communities, environments, customs and cultures.

RUDEC partners with the Cameroon Association of Sustainable Tourism (CAMAST) who takes visitors on tours and trips around North West Cameroon. The profits from these tours and trips are put back into RUDEC for program implementation, including education costs for the children RUDEC supports and providing a wage for local tour guides.

North West Cameroon is a beautiful place,with rich cultural traditions and dances, sweeping 
landscapes and natural falls. Attractions include the Bamenda Highlands, one of the most beautiful regions in Cameroon. Visitors can go on tours for one, two or 10 days depending on time and interests. RUDEC and CAMAST offer accommodation and a range of activities for visitors including hikes of all ability levels, visiting waterfalls, seeing traditional dances and song performances, home stays, local site visits and tours of current community projects.

For RUDEC and CAMAST, eco-tourism is an effective and sustainable way to bring visitors to Cameroon, and importantly, support the local community.

Recently, Joshua (RUDEC Founder and tour guide with CAMAST) took visitors on a three-day tour around the region, visiting a tea factory and the lakes and mountains of the North West. This partnership between RUDEC and CAMAST gives visitors the opportunity to really see the Cameroon while being lead by an experienced local tour guide. It also helps draw important links and build relationships between visitors and the local community in a way that is positive and sustainable.

If you’ve always wanted to go on a unique adventure, consider going with RUDEC and CAMAST. It might just be the life-changing experience you’ve been looking for.

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