Monday, January 7, 2013


2013 is here, another new year. We don’t know what it which challenges or rewards it may bring but here at RUDEC we know we will continue to work towards improving the lives of underprivileged residents in Belo.
This year RUDEC hopes to extend it’s sponsor an orphan program to be able to help more children go to school. It also wishes to welcome more volunteers than 2012, build on existing projects, ensuring that they are viable and sustainable and to introduce new programs and ideas.

To all our sponsors, followers, volunteers and friends we wish you all the best for 2013, may all your goals be achieved.

At the Christmas party we asked the children to write or draw something about RUDEC, their thoughts or hopes. Here are a few things that they wrote.


I thank you people for taking me to be among this group for help. I am so happy that I have an education. I promise to work harder in school because education is the key to success. By all possible means I will have the key of success in my life, which is education.


RUDEC has helped us in many ways like paying our school fees before the start of the academic year, giving us food to eat during Christmas. Whenever we are sick they take us to the hospital and after every year we have to go and check whether each of us has any illnesses like AIDS, malaria, eye problems, toothache, ear problems and they even give us a uniform after every year and buying books, pens, pencils etc. Some people take education for a joke; for example I know this term I played a lot and I failed but I promise this term I will make you people to smile. I think RUDEC has helped me in many ways. I am proud of my lucky.

BORIS NTAM aged 14

I wish continued prosperity for RUDEC and may God help keep it to higher heights and we the pupils pledge to put our best order to achieve it.


I want to thank you for your kind and caring attitude towards me. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. In fact, I did not know I would ever be in secondary school. I don’t know how to appreciate you but God will bless and reward you. And I pray and believe that God is going to guide me so that I should make you proud of me and fulfil my dreams.

Kelly 07/01/2013

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